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Chad Tackett, Founder of Committed 100, Discusses the 5 Worst Condiments for Weight Loss

Condiments may seem insignificant when it comes to diet. A chicken breast slathered in barbecue sauce is still a chicken breast, right? According to nutrition expert Chad Tackett, founder of Committed 100, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Condiments, he says, can pack a bigger caloric punch than you might realize and could derail your healthy intentions. […]

Committed 100 Founder Chad Tackett Explains How to Curb Nighttime Cravings

On Jan. 1st, thousands of people embarked on their journeys to fulfill their 2020 new year resolution: to lose weight. While Chad Tackett and other nutrition and fitness professionals wholeheartedly support people’s eagerness to be healthier, they say it’s also important to recognize that long-term success depends on sustainable lifestyle changes, not crash diets. To lose […]

The Founder Of Committed 100 Chad Tackett Says Weight Loss Is Not About Restricting Foods But About Fixing Your Metabolism

In 1994, Chad Tackett graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Chad, the founder of Committed 100, is a pioneer in the online weight loss industry. In 2008, he was awarded Alumni of the Year for his innovations. Chad Tackett’s many years of education and experience have helped numerous people to lose […]

Committed 100’s Founder Chad Tackett Says Not To Deny Night Cravings When Trying To Lose Weight

The founder of the first online weight loss program, Committed 100, Chad Tackett, says, “The key to stopping intense night cravings is by turning them into fat-burning sessions.” Food cravings and hunger pains are not unusual to experience when trying to shed pounds. They often occur hours after dinner. It is an intense desire for something sweet […]