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Chad Tackett, Founder of Committed 100, Discusses the 5 Worst Condiments for Weight Loss

Condiments may seem insignificant when it comes to diet. A chicken breast slathered in barbecue sauce is still a chicken breast, right? According to nutrition expert Chad Tackett, founder of Committed 100, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Condiments, he says, can pack a bigger caloric punch than you might realize and could derail your healthy intentions. […]

Committed 100 Founder Chad Tackett Explains How to Curb Nighttime Cravings

On Jan. 1st, thousands of people embarked on their journeys to fulfill their 2020 new year resolution: to lose weight. While Chad Tackett and other nutrition and fitness professionals wholeheartedly support people’s eagerness to be healthier, they say it’s also important to recognize that long-term success depends on sustainable lifestyle changes, not crash diets. To lose […]