Committed 100’s Founder Chad Tackett Says You Need These Six Things To Lose Weight

Business owner and founder of the Committed 100 online weight-loss program, Chad Tackett, is highly experienced at helping others reach their ideal weight.

Committed 100 is Chad Tackett’s newest venture. Chad Tackett started the world’s very first online weight loss program more than twenty-four years ago and is still going strong.

Chad Tackett is a weight-loss professional and personal health coach. He started his online weight-loss plan, Committed 100, in 1995. Tackett’s work has revolutionized the weight-loss industry and created a path for other online programs.

Chad Tackett says there are eight specific things every person needs to shed extra pounds successfully.

1. The Right Information

2. A Plan That is Perfectly Tailored to Each Person

3. Expert Guidance

4. Personal Support

5. Daily Motivation

6. Accountability

Notice how “giving up your favorite foods and having to do boring workouts” are not on this list. That is because the Committed 100 program does not need you to do these things to lose weight.


Chad Tackett

Chad Tackett’s dedication helps individuals feel healthy and vibrant. His personalized program provides the “eight things” essential for weight-loss. Committed 100 has helped people from one hundred countries lose weight.

Chad Tackett provides clients with custom-tailored weight loss plans and 24/7 expert support. He is passionate about getting clients the results they need to feel happy about their body weight. It is no wonder his client’s success rate is of an unprecedented 87%.

Chad Tacket insists that having a coach that is 100% committed makes a significant difference to the weight-loss process.

Individuals achieve results faster than they ever imagined possible when they receive guidance. It is how many take off the weight and keep it off.

Chad Tackett’s Committed 100 online program is successful at learning what each client needs. He uses the eight essential things to make weight loss happen.

Without proper leadership, trying to lose weight effectively becomes a guessing game. Some go on diets that recommend removing carbohydrates, while others go on diets that state all they should eat is carbs.

It is hard to decipher which diet is right and will work. It causes too much confusion and a lot of headaches – many without even getting individuals to their desired weight.

Weight loss does not need to feel like a second job, and Chad Tackett knows it. He tailors plans to suit his clients, making it much easier to work towards weight goals.

Stop guessing and remove the confusion. Chad Tackett’s Committed 100 plan produces results that get people back into wearing their favorite jeans.

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The World’s First Online Weight Loss Program Founded By Chad Tackett is Almost 25 Years Old

Chad Tackett is the founder of the very first online weight loss program. It is hard to believe Tackett’s plan, Committed 100, will be twenty-five years old in 2020. It is tough enough to accept it is already twenty-four, for that matter.

Time sure does fly by when one online weight loss program turns into tens of thousands. It is a booming industry to this day and makes millions of dollars each year.

Chad Tackett is the one who started it all.

Chad is a personal health coach and creator of the Committed 100 program. In 1995, Chad launched his product to the digital world, and it changed the way people lost weight.

Tackett showed men and women of all shapes and sizes how to get to their ideal weight without becoming unhealthy in the process.

The Committed 100 program focuses on getting people feeling their best without having to give up the foods they love. Chad Tackett did not want women and men to have to endure further workouts and diets that fail. He knew how quickly weight loss could become an unwanted emotional rollercoaster ride on repeat. He wanted to make a change, and he did.

Before Committed 100, the only way overweight individuals could lose pounds was to go to their local gym, by yo-yo dieting, or relying on television workouts.

Chad Tackett

The launch of Committed 100 changed the entire weight loss industry. It is responsible for many success stories in more than one hundred countries around the world.

In only a few months, Chad Tackett’s award-winning Committed 100 weight loss program, will be turning “two and a half decades” old.

Today, Chad Tackett works with a small, select group of clients. He provides them with custom-tailored weight loss plans and 24/7 expert support, daily motivation, and accountability. As a result, he has a client success rate of an unprecedented 87%.

Almost twenty-five years ago, Chad opened the online doors for newer weight loss companies with smartphone apps and fitness tracking stats.

Not only did Chad Tackett and Committed 100 help people across the globe get fit, but its online program offered the world much more.

While the program put a lot of people in shape, it was also shaping the future of the weight loss industry.

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