Chad Tackett

About Chad Tackett

Chad Tackett is the creator of the Committed 100 program.

Tackett originally created the world's very first online weight loss program almost 25 years ago and is responsible for success stories in more than 100 countries around the world. Women and men of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds have called on Chad Tackett to show them how to get to their ideal weight, improve their health, and look and feel their very best - WITHOUT giving up their favorite foods, suffering through boring workouts, or any of the typical diet stuff that does not work and never will.

In 1994, Chad Tackett graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Exercise Science & Nutrition and in 2008 was awarded Alumni of the Year for his innovations in weight loss on the internet.

Today, Chad Tackett works with a small, select group of clients that not only want a custom-tailored weight loss plan, but also 24/7 expert guidance, support, motivation, and accountability. As a result, he has a client success rate of an unprecedented 87%!

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